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We defend Employers and Insurance companies against all Workers’ Compensation claims using the latest technology and knowledge of all up to date rules and regulations to produce very positive results

At the Law Office of Hedy Golshani, we see ourselves as the generation of change and reform. Through our relationships and fast and responsive service, it is our goal to provide you, our client, with the best service.

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Workers’ Compensation Defense

We are a law firm that is dedicated to assisting clients, —- employers and insurance companies, with their Workers’ Compensation cases. The president and founder of our law office, Hedy Golshani, has amassed more than 19 years of experience in dealing with Workers’ Compensation claims.


Employer Staff Training

As business owner and employer, you take many steps to provide a healthy work environment for your employees. However, accidents do happen, and in the event of an unforeseen issue, you must ask yourself whether you or your employee are aware of precisely what to do next. We proactively step in to not only educate but outline next steps.

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Prevention Intervention

Do not view an intervention program as a softening of an employer’s view on accident prevention. Instead, it is the employer’s responsibility to control the effects of an accident after it occurs in a proactive manager. Involvement and empathy on the part of the employer can go a long way in preventing significant losses.


Prompt Response To Litigation

The longer that a claim drags on, the more costly it becomes. At Hedy Golshani Law, we resolve every case as quickly as possible to ensure that your company can return to a normal working state. The employee can get back to their job, and you can get back to running your business.

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Serious and Willful Misconduct Allegation

Under California Labor Code Section 4553, employers can be held liable for employee on-the-job injuries if those injuries are determined to have come about due to serious and willful misconduct on the part of the employer.


Workers’ Compensation: Coverage Issues & Arbitration

Where there are insurance coverage issues at dispute in a workers’ compensation claim we will seek all available remedies under the Labor Code to seek out contribution, reimbursement and or seek dismissal where our client has no insurance coverage on their insurance policy.
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Employer Discrimination Under Labor Code 132(a)

California’s Labor Code is a set of laws governing the rights of employers and employees in the workplace. These laws include rules about worker safety, rights to overtime pay, and rules that govern Workers’ Compensation insurance and claims.


Uninsured Employers – Workers’ Compensation

Under California labor law, all employers must carry Workers’ Compensation insurance in case an employee is injured on the job and files a claim for benefits. Some employers opt to self-insure and handle Workers’ Compensation claims on a case-by-case basis, which can save money in the short run but be costly over the long term, depending on circumstances. 

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Employer / Employee Disputes

Workers’ Compensation cases can escalate quickly when an employer and an employee do not agree on whether benefits should be granted in a given case. If an employer denies benefits to an employee, the employee may opt to get an attorney to help them obtain benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Counseling

Minimizing risk is a must when it comes to running a business. Legal risks can lead to costly lawsuits and could even result in the dissolution of the enterprise. Risk management counseling with a skilled specialist is one way employers can ensure that they are covering their bases when it comes to staying afloat in the business world, and both employers and employees benefit from risk management.

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Subrogation Employers Claim

In general, workers’ compensation benefits have to be paid out regardless of who was at fault for a work-related accident(s). An injured employee can file a claim for medical coverage and benefits, even if the employer did absolutely nothing wrong. It is important for insurance carriers, employers, and claims administrators to determine exactly how an accident occurred. No one wants to deny benefits to an employee who was injured and rightfully needs them, it is important to make sure that another party did not cause the incident.
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